As one of our key drivers built into our mission, Debs continues to innovate new fabric technologies.
We constantly research and trial new chemicals, yarns, weaving and knitting techniques,
constructions, and finishing techniques.
We also look for innovations in other industries that could potentially be applied to apparel.
Using our converting system, we work flexibly to customize these fabric technologies to your brand.


ICEGLIDE™ technology uses a special type of polyethylene fiber that is knitted to create textile that are ultra-smooth against the skin and improve your performance by eliminating any friction between your body and the fabric.

ICEGLIDE™ Brochure.pdf (8.8mb)


AquaMagic™ uses special water repellency polymers to force the sweat from the backside of the fabric to the surface, where crimps in the yarn absorb and pull the moisture to the outside surface at incredible speed.AquaMagic™ protects you from that sticky, uncomfortable feeling and provides maximum moisture management whether in the gym or at home.

AquaMagic™ Brochure.pdf (7.2mb)


MegaDry™ is a new perspiration management technology capable of managing heavy perspiration. MegaDry™'s excellent moisture management technology avoids discomfort during exercise and keeps your skin healthy at all times.

MegaDry™ Brochure.pdf (6mb)


WELLFIT™ technology is a special finishing method that enables fabrics to stretch without the use of spandex and recover perfectly by sustaining the fabrics original handfeel and durability.

WELLFIT™ Brochure.pdf (6mb)