A textile producer and trader based in Osaka, Japan that also has business operations in specialized garments, real estate, and commodity trading.

A textile converter based in Osaka, Japan specializing in producing fabrics for the Middle East market. This joint venture between Debs Corporation and Utic & Co., Ltd produces the “Blackest Black” using its proprietary yarns and dyeing technologies.

A weaver based in Ono, Japan that is a subsidiary of Amana Corporation. AJ Tex supports the weaving needs of the Debs Group and but also develops its own line of proprietary products such as heat-sealant tea bags and insect-repellent mesh.

A licensed real estate agency based in Osaka, Japan that provides property management services as well as the buying and selling of real estate in Japan.

A textile retailer based in Madrid, Spain that is a subsidiary of Debs Corporation. Cadena specializes in making capsule collections for the high-end womenswear fashion market and retails small quantities to the entire world via their catalog.


A textile agency based in Mexico City, Mexico that represents Asian and European textile companies for sales into the Latin American, namely Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Argentina.

A dyeing and finishing factory based in Fukui, Japan that has proprietary technologies in weight reduction, formal black dyeing, and other finishing techniques. Apart from being a core partner for the group’s textile production, Utic also manages and operates Debs’ AirDye ® machines.