A textile producer and trader based in Osaka, Japan that also has business operations in specialized garments, real estate, and commodity trading.

A textile converter based in Osaka, Japan specializing in producing fabrics for the Middle East market. This joint venture between Debs Corporation and Utic & Co., Ltd produces the “Blackest Black” using its proprietary yarns and dyeing technologies.

A weaver based in Ono, Japan that is a subsidiary of Amana Corporation. AJ Tex supports the weaving needs of the Debs Group and but also develops its own line of proprietary products such as heat-sealant tea bags and insect-repellent mesh.

A licensed real estate agency based in Osaka, Japan that provides property management services as well as the buying and selling of real estate in Japan.

A textile retailer based in Madrid, Spain that is a subsidiary of Debs Corporation. Cadena specializes in making capsule collections for the high-end womenswear fashion market and retails small quantities to the entire world via their catalog.


A textile agency based in Mexico City, Mexico that represents Asian and European textile companies for sales into the Latin American, namely Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Argentina.

A dyeing and finishing factory based in Fukui, Japan that has proprietary technologies in weight reduction, formal black dyeing, and other finishing techniques. Apart from being a core partner for the group’s textile production, Utic also manages and operates Debs’ AirDye ® machines.

A digital sublimation inkjet factory based in Osaka, Japan that operates and manages Debs’ high speed inkjet machines which are powered by Debs’ proprietary IMBU Color Management System to help achieve accurate and speedy color matching across machines.